beauty : 11 beauty tips to do before bed and wake up radiant

The true meaning of joining the useful to the pleasant. If much of our life we ​​spend sleeping, why not use the daily hours of sleep as a moment for beauty? To do this, just keep some habits related to body, skin and hair care and to play in cosmetics with moisturizing and relaxing action, all the time you go to bed.


After all, it is during sleep that the cellular regeneration happens more actively, and the hormones work with full force. We’ve put together 11 ways to use bedtime in your favor to invest in simple beauty care, which will help you wake up willingly, with radiant skin and extremely hydrated hair.

Put on the pajamas and good beauty ritual!

Oil the hair

Appealing for oils as a beauty treatment can be the good alternative to moisturize your hair. Set yourself to wash the threads early in the morning as soon as you wake up, and before sleeping, apply a generous layer of moisturizing hair oil (if you prefer more natural products, try applying coconut oil ), according to your hair type, from length to tips.

Remember to protect the pillow with a towel or pillowcase so it does not get streaked, hair in a loose coke and go to sleep. Wash well the next day and get ready to parade around with soft, shiny strands.

Put a mask on the skin

Choose the facial mask that most has to do with your skin type . They can be the famous Korean “sheet masks” , who have short action time and do not need to rinse, or the homemade masks of natural clay, which must be removed with the aid of water.

Apply your favorite a few hours before bed, at least once a week, to wake up with the skin tingling.


Get a facial massage

If the face mask you just used has moisturizing active ingredients and does not need to be removed, take what’s left of the product to massage the face well, as if it would drain it.

The technique greatly reduces swelling and contributes to firmer skin. If you have not used or do not want to apply a mask, use your day-to-day facial moisturizerand apply it by massaging your face, always before bed. Creams for the eye areaalso have proven effectiveness if accompanied by a beautiful massage in the region of the temples.

Hydrate hands and cuticles

Be sure to moisturise the skin of your hands and cuticles before you lie down. To do this, use creams specific to the area, spread well and let it act during your sleep hours.

Have not you had time to go to the manicure lately? Enjoy to sand your nails before you start moisturizing.

Make lips soft

Do not skimp on the lip balm before bed if the intention is to wake up with well moisturized lips. Choose one that has thicker texture and powerful active and voila!

Make compresses on dark circles

To prevent or lighten dark circles , make compresses with ice cold chamomile tea. You can use the tea bags directly on the face, or lay a cotton swab dipped in the liquid. Only 15 minutes are needed for chamomile to work on the skin.

Hydrate your knees, heels and elbows

For hydration from head to toe, do not forget the roughest and driest areas of the body, such as knees, heels and elbows . This is the time to apply more consistent creams, with assets like butters and natural oils.

Light a scented candle

Some aromas present in candles are able to contribute to the relaxation of the body, especially at night, when we often have difficulty disconnecting. Light a scented and therapeutic candle a few hours before bedtime, let the essence invade your room and practice some relaxing activity while enjoying the aroma.

Read, meditate, and forget technology

Try to relax when you realize that bedtime is approaching, investing in quiet habits that will make your body understand that it is time to get out of trouble. Leave the cell phone away from your reach and switch social networks to practices like reading or meditation , which end up contributing (a lot!) To the quality of your sleep.

Have tea

Teas are true magic potions of beauty – and we have proof . When you lean your head on the already relaxed pillow, take a cup of soothing action infusions, such as lemon balm, chamomile and melissa – if possible, with the lamp on, to create a peaceful atmosphere.

Sleep early

Nothing like overtime sleep for a satisfactory awakening. After incorporating some (or all!) Of the tips from this list, try to lie down a bit earlier than usual to wake up with more energy and disposition the next morning. Good night!

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