About Us

About Fitness First

This site has been in existence since 2018 and has come about to spread knowledge and exchange experiences on the most varied themes of women’s well-being and beauty. Be very welcome!

What is different about Fitness First

Among so many websites dedicated to women on the Internet, you must ask yourself: why another one? The Beauty and Health came from the desire to have a complete website that addressed diverse subjects, without being stuck to a pre-defined theme.

From this, I decided to adopt a very broad approach, for women who are interested in health, but without neglecting beauty; all in the most balanced way possible.

Of the sites I was interested in about beauty and health, they usually fell into 2 major categories.

First, there were extremely technical, impersonal, and “dry” health sites. Health portals, but they looked more like they were edited by robots; there was no connection between the author and the readers. Although the information was of quality, there was no contact with a “real person” there.The personal contact was definitely present, but the information presented was more superficial (and even half futile at times), and lacked a greater rigor with the information presented.

From these two extremes came the idea of ​​a more balanced approach: quality information, but in a more accessible way, bringing some of my experience and inviting readers to share and bring their opinions.

My interests, just like everyone else’s, vary over time. Therefore, the site has a wide variety of subjects . 

An invitation

I hope you enjoyed the site proposal. With all this, I invite you to participate in the site. The best way to follow up is by receiving site updates via email . So you do not waste time and enjoy all the content.