How to know if my child has diabetes

To know if your child has diabetes, it is important to be aware of some symptoms that may indicate the illness, such as drinking lots of water, urinating several times a day, getting tired quickly or having frequent stomach and headaches, such as irritability and poor performance at school. In this case, the child should be taken to the pediatrician ... Read More »

Type 2 Diabetes: Symptoms and Treatment

Type 2 diabetes is a disease whose blood sugar levels are higher than normal, due to a higher insulin resistance or a lower amount of insulin production, generating symptoms such as thirst, dry mouth, frequent urination, and weight loss. cause that is not always identified by the patient with the disease. The causes of this disease may be related to ... Read More »


Diabetes- Many people do not even know that they are suffering from the disease.Treating the disease in the early stages is important so that more serious consequences do not happen. Problems of blood coagulation and scarring, loss of sensitivity, diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma are some of the consequences that can occur if the patient does not perform the appropriate treatment. Dealing is essential. The ... Read More »

Who has diabetes needs to take good care of the skin

People with either type of diabetes are more likely to suffer from a number of skin conditions, which can be serious. There are two types of diabetes . In both, the absence or insufficiency of insulin causes the glucose to not enter the cells and the sugar is left out, left in the circulation. “Insulin is very important for the ... Read More »

Sugar-free diet slims 10 kg in 2 months


Do you have difficulties to lose weight because you can not leave the sugar aside? This may be a symptom of you are already addicted to the ingredient, and it gets increasingly difficult to drop. The promise of the I Quit Sugar diet is to cure this sugar craving, dry 10 kg and change life forever. Diet without sugar to ... Read More »

Diets: Stop insisting on restrictive diets. They do not work!


When I started using the phrase “restrictive diets do not work and can even make you fat,” a few years ago, people did not understand. They were frightened, confused, doubted.   One of the first times I said this publicly in an interview was a real boom! Several journalists started calling me to try to understand better who the nutritionist ... Read More »

Diet plan to lose weight: 6 tips to put into practice


Diet – More and more we read and hear about how restrictive diets are doomed to failure, right? This is because several studies (and my own professional experience) show us alarming data on this failure. For this reason, more and more professionals use a weight loss diet plan for those seeking weight loss guidelines without a diet. A diet plan to ... Read More »