Diet and nutrition

Foods rich in protein and carbohydrates


Foods rich in protein and carbohydrates A healthy and ideal diet for the health of the human body should be rich in protein and carbohydrates. Undoubtedly, a balance between all types of nutrients for the body should be maintained.  But these two components can not be lacking in the daily meals of those who want a healthy life. Therefore, restricting ... Read More »

weight Loss: Lose 6kg in 5 days

Take a look at how to lose 6kg weight in 5 days with just a few basic tips! and forget those other questions – How to lose weight in a week? How to lose belly? How to lose weight fast ? How to lose weight without starving? There are a lot of questions, but the theory is much easier than ... Read More »



To lose weight is the ambition of a substantial percentage of the world population. If you are also part of this group, follow a diet prepared by nutritionist Iara Rodrigues. More than 10 percent of the Portuguese suffer from obesity problems. To this million national citizens, according to the data supporting the report “Portugal: Healthy Food in Figures 2013”, more ... Read More »

Sugar-free diet slims 10 kg in 2 months


Do you have difficulties to lose weight because you can not leave the sugar aside? This may be a symptom of you are already addicted to the ingredient, and it gets increasingly difficult to drop. The promise of the I Quit Sugar diet is to cure this sugar craving, dry 10 kg and change life forever. Diet without sugar to ... Read More »

Diet plan to lose weight: 6 tips to put into practice


Diet – More and more we read and hear about how restrictive diets are doomed to failure, right? This is because several studies (and my own professional experience) show us alarming data on this failure. For this reason, more and more professionals use a weight loss diet plan for those seeking weight loss guidelines without a diet. A diet plan to ... Read More »

Lose weight naturally how?

DO YOU DREAM WITH A SMALL BELLY, HEALTHY WAY? HERE ARE 4 FOODS TO HELP YOU REACH YOUR GOAL!-Lose  Stress, travel, diet change, many factors can explain the swollen and bloated belly and that harms us to lose belly. To get rid of it permanently and look for foods rich in fiber and digestive enzymes. Extra tip to lose belly! ... Read More »