Eye Care

How to care for your eyes when using electronics


The Visual Fatigue is commonly caused by eye strain after prolonged use of computers or electronic devices. This is because our vision has not been programmed to handle the clarity of the monitors for hours on end. All our biological apparatus to see has evolved to capture the light reflected by the curves and shapes of the objects and obstacles around us and ... Read More »

Eye Care at Work


On May 1 is celebrated the day of the worker. Regardless of the type of work performed, eye care is important so that your daily activities do not compromise your health. With that in mind, we have listed some important information about risks that different types of work can cause to the eyes and care to avoid any damage that could ... Read More »

In the summer, eye care when using insect repellents

eye care

Eye care- Data from the Ministry of Health show that from January to August 2018, 190 thousand cases of dengue, 6 thousand zika and 68 thousand chikungunya were recorded in Brazil. In relation to the same period of 2017 they had falls of 5%, 57% and 60%, respectively. The problem according to the ophthalmologist Leôncio Queiroz Neto of the Instituto Penido ... Read More »