Best exercises to eliminate visceral fat

The fat that accumulates inside the belly, called visceral fat, can be eliminated with the practice of exercises, especially aerobics, such as walking or pedaling, or those that combine the cardiovascular part with strength exercises such as functional gymnastics or crossfit , for example. In this way, the body will burn calories and decrease the accumulation of fat in the abdominal ... Read More »

Best exercises to eliminate belly

The best exercises to eliminate the belly are those that work the whole body, spend many calories and strengthen several muscles at the same time. This is because these exercises increase the muscles, raising the basal metabolism causing the individual to burn more fat even while sleeping. Some good examples of exercises to burn belly fat are: Swimming : One of the ... Read More »

Lose weight naturally how?

DO YOU DREAM WITH A SMALL BELLY, HEALTHY WAY? HERE ARE 4 FOODS TO HELP YOU REACH YOUR GOAL!-Lose  Stress, travel, diet change, many factors can explain the swollen and bloated belly and that harms us to lose belly. To get rid of it permanently and look for foods rich in fiber and digestive enzymes. Extra tip to lose belly! ... Read More »