To lose weight is the ambition of a substantial percentage of the world population. If you are also part of this group, follow a diet prepared by nutritionist Iara Rodrigues.

More than 10 percent of the Portuguese suffer from obesity problems. To this million national citizens, according to the data supporting the report “Portugal: Healthy Food in Figures 2013”, more than 3.5 million pro-obese people, who present a weight above what would be desirable for the his physique. In exclusive to Prevent and do not integrate these statistics, the nutritionist adapted the plan of his book «Diet 1,2,3», published by Marker, to help you lose weight in just four weeks.


See what you should eat in each of the meals of the day in addition to the advice of the specialist:


– When you wake up: Drink a glass of warm water with a few (few) drops of lemon

– Breakfast

A glass (200 ml) of lactose-free milk or soy, rice or almond (no flavors) or yogurt (125 g) (lean / lactose / soya-free) with a tablespoon of flours (ground) and a spoon (dessert) of chia seeds or a cup of tea


A cup of coffee plus a slice of medium-sized bread or a small loaf of bread (rye / seed / spelled / kamut / gluten-free) or three rice crackers or puffed corn or three rye / spelled / kamut / gluten-free or ½ bowl of oat flakes


Half a bowl of unsweetened granola.

If you choose bread or crackers, also include one of the following side dishes: Two thin slices of visible fat-free poultry or a spoonful of unsweetened sweet or a small (lean or not overweight) fresh cheese or a quarter of curd (thin or not fat) or a triangle of light cheese or a string of olive oil

Middle of the morning

– Snack: One serving of fruit + dried fruit or one gelatine or one yogurt + one spoon (of dessert) of linseed (ground) seeds + one spoon (of dessert) of seeds of chia

Mid day

– Lunch

One or two scoops of soup or cream of vegetables without potatoes (optional) + half a plate with salad or vegetables + eggs (Monday), meat / soy derivatives (Tuesday and Thursday), fish + carbohydrates and Friday) meat / soy or fish derivatives + carbohydrates (Saturday) and meat / soy derivatives or fish or eggs (Sunday) + a glass of water, flavored water, tea or infusions without added sugar (optional )

The essentials of lunch

Foods that allow you to diversify the menu and not forget any of the three elements that should be present at lunch:

– Salad or vegetables

Not to get tired of dieting, vary. Choose from lettuce, arugula, spinach, watercress, canon, parsley, coriander, greens, onions, onions, garlic, carrot, tomato, turnip, celery, aubergine, broccoli, courgette, cucumber, cauliflower, cauliflower, mushrooms and soya beans.

– Protein

A fish stock (hake, sole, cod, salmon, tuna, octopus) or a third of the plate with turkey, chicken, rabbit or cow meat (excluding pork and other fatty meats) or meat substitutes (soy, tofu) or two eggs (boiled, poached, scrambled or omelet without added fat).

– Carbohydrates

Start by including them at meal up to three times a week. As you approach your weight goal, increase to include them every day. Half sweet potato (cooked or roasted) or a serving spoon of rice (preferably whole) or a serving fork of pasta or spaghetti (whole, gluten-free) or two tablespoons (serving) of beans , lentils, chickpeas, peas, beans, couscous, quinoa, millet and amaranth.


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