Foods rich in protein and carbohydrates

Foods rich in protein and carbohydrates

A healthy and ideal diet for the health of the human body should be rich in protein and carbohydrates. Undoubtedly, a balance between all types of nutrients for the body should be maintained.  But these two components can not be lacking in the daily meals of those who want a healthy life. Therefore, restricting the diet to only one of the nutrients mentioned. Even excessive consumption of them can pose serious health risks and harm the body. The presence of proteins and carbohydrates is essential for the body.

Foods high in protein

Proteins are essential for the functioning of the human body. They are responsible for improving immunity, transforming food into energy sources and allowing muscle contraction. In addition, proteins are the main components in foods to gain muscle. which is why many athletes resort to the protein diet.

Contrary to what many people think, protein is not found only in red meats, meat protein is very important, but it can be found in several foods, which can be diversified in food to maintain adequate levels of protein in the body . Among the protein foods are: peanut butter, yogurts, cheeses, eggs, soy milk, milk, nuts, tofu, beans, fish, lean meat, wholemeal pasta and whole grain breads.

Proteins basically build the human body, so they have about twenty types of amino acids. Such amino acids-proteins form the neuron transmission of cells, can also constitute hemoglobin , teeth, bones, nails, hair, hormones, antibodies and enzymes.

There are two types of proteins, which are: essential amino acid and non-essential amino acid. The first is that the body does not produce and needs to be consumed. Since the essential amino acid is not produced by the body as oxygen, hydrogen and carbon.

Carbohydrates have very important functions in food. And they are responsible for providing the energy that the body needs to function. From red blood cells, nerves, marrow and brain, for example. Thus, when the carbohydrate is lacking in food, it can compromise the functioning of the organism. Especially the central nervous system. Carbohydrates are also rich sources of vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin B. That are essential for the human body.

Importance of carbohydrates

According to nutritionists, carbohydrates should make up at least fifty percent of daily food. Essentially in the morning, times when the brain and body most need energy. This is because when the body gets low energy. And the memory can be impaired, as well as causing discomfort, dizziness and hunger.

Some of the main foods that are part of  the dietary code are carbohydrates. They are fruits, potatoes, pasta, breads, cereals, rice, plums, noodles, tomato soup, apple, pear, yogurts, dried apricots, lentils, cherries , soybeans and peanuts. Whole carbohydrates are not optional. But the best form of food, because they avoid being overweight.

It is worth noting that carbohydrate consumption should be moderate. And only athletes can consume the carbohydrate. But the amount will also vary according to the intensity, frequency and type of training.

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