Hair Loss

Curly hair masks: 5 recipes to make at home

Those who have curls already know: you can never predict what the behavior of the wires will be. There is a day when they look beautiful when they dry, in others, the will is to put your hair back under the shower to see if any miracles happen. And who has curly hair also knows that the only way to avoid these surprises is ... Read More »

7 Tips for Healthy Hair Growth

Healthy Hair- Unfortunately there is no miracle product that makes your hair grow faster. There are, however, some tips for your hair to grow healthy and without stagnating in time. Many women find that the strands do not grow as they should and even claim that they stay the same length for years. In fact the hair does not stop growing. What happens ... Read More »

How to use Aloe for skin and hair

The aloe vera is a medicinal plant, also known as Aloe vera, Caraguatá, aloe vera, aloe vera or Aloe vera, which can be used in different beauty treatments, especially to improve the health of the hair or the skin. Its scientific name is Aloe vera and can be purchased at natural products stores, drugstores and some free markets and markets. In addition, this ... Read More »

7 Tips For Growing Hair Faster

Growing Hair

Growing Hair- Generally, hair, hair and beards grow 1 centimeter a month, but there are a few tricks and tips that can make them grow faster, such as ensuring all the nutrients the body needs to form wires and improve local blood circulation . By following these tips, hair and beards should grow faster, however, there are cases where hair ... Read More »

Hair Loss: Tips for Preventing Male Hair Loss

Hair loss can be caused by diseases such as anemia, hormonal changes, stress and  baldness , a major  cause of  hair loss in men . They suffer more from the problem because the male  hormones  weaken the wires and generate a sharp drop. For men who are worried about their looks and their masculine beauty, one of the things that ... Read More »

Hair Loss: What foods that help fight hair loss?

Hair Loss

Everyone wants beautiful and healthy hair, and the market offers a range of products with several recommendations, even more when it comes to hair loss treatment . Several home recipes or specific products are intended for the problem of baldness, but some do not make the expected result or only have a high investment value. That is, people who suffer ... Read More »