3 Ways to Increase Oxytocin Naturally

The hormone oxytocin is produced naturally by the body, being found in both women and men, as it is very important not only for labor and breastfeeding, but also to improve interpersonal relationships and feelings of pleasure and well-being. This hormone is secreted in greater quantity when the person is relaxed and safe, or in the presence of physical contact, ... Read More »

Curly hair masks: 5 recipes to make at home

Those who have curls already know: you can never predict what the behavior of the wires will be. There is a day when they look beautiful when they dry, in others, the will is to put your hair back under the shower to see if any miracles happen. And who has curly hair also knows that the only way to avoid these surprises is ... Read More »

Diet plan to lose weight: 6 tips to put into practice


Diet – More and more we read and hear about how restrictive diets are doomed to failure, right? This is because several studies (and my own professional experience) show us alarming data on this failure. For this reason, more and more professionals use a weight loss diet plan for those seeking weight loss guidelines without a diet. A diet plan to ... Read More »