Healthy Dinner

Learn About Good Cholesterol

How To Increase Good Cholesterol Those who have low good cholesterol values ​​should follow a diet low in sugars and fats, and do physical activity, within their limits. To increase HDL levels in the body it is recommended to eat foods such as: Olive oil; vegetable oils such as canola, sunflower, corn or sesame; Almonds; avocado; peanut; Peas; tofu cheese; soy flour and soy milk. These ... Read More »

How To Lower Bad Cholesterol

The control of LDL cholesterol is essential for the proper functioning of the body, so that the body can produce the hormones correctly and prevent the formation of atherosclerosis plaques in the blood vessels. Therefore, their values ​​should be kept within the appropriate levels, which may be below 130, 100, 70 or 50 mg / dl, varying according to the life ... Read More »

Eggplant Juice for Cholesterol

Eggplant juice is an excellent home remedy for high cholesterol, which serves to lower your values ​​naturally. Eggplant contains a high content of antioxidant substances, especially in the rind. Therefore, it should not be removed in juice preparation. You can also consume the eggplant in other ways, whether cooked or baked, for a greater protective effect on the liver and, consequently, lower ... Read More »



To lose weight is the ambition of a substantial percentage of the world population. If you are also part of this group, follow a diet prepared by nutritionist Iara Rodrigues. More than 10 percent of the Portuguese suffer from obesity problems. To this million national citizens, according to the data supporting the report “Portugal: Healthy Food in Figures 2013”, more ... Read More »

Sugar-free diet slims 10 kg in 2 months


Do you have difficulties to lose weight because you can not leave the sugar aside? This may be a symptom of you are already addicted to the ingredient, and it gets increasingly difficult to drop. The promise of the I Quit Sugar diet is to cure this sugar craving, dry 10 kg and change life forever. Diet without sugar to ... Read More »

Diets: Stop insisting on restrictive diets. They do not work!


When I started using the phrase “restrictive diets do not work and can even make you fat,” a few years ago, people did not understand. They were frightened, confused, doubted.   One of the first times I said this publicly in an interview was a real boom! Several journalists started calling me to try to understand better who the nutritionist ... Read More »