Healthy Snacks

Light Dessert Recipes to lose weight with health (without suffering)

Light Dessert Recipes 1. Chia pudding : easy to make and healthy, this pudding recipe will surprise you. The main ingredient is chia, a seed that helps you lose weight and reduces fat. Choose the fruits you prefer and enjoy yourself! 2. Banana light pie : This banana tart recipe is totally light and healthy. Just mix the bananas with honey, water and light ricotta and sprinkle cinnamon. Check out ... Read More »

Recipes for very nutritious soups to lose weight with health (without suffering)


Recipes for very nutritious 1. Pumpkin and Ginger Cream : In addition to having less than 150 calories, pumpkin cream is rich in calcium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium and vitamins. Ginger has properties that help in weight loss and in combating heartburn and poor digestion. 2. Carrot cream with ginger : this recipe can be consumed cold or hot. The carrot has enough vitamin A, ... Read More »

Quick snack recipes to lose weight with health (without suffering)

Quick snack recipes 1. Quinoa porridge with fruits : this snack option is gluten-free, lactose-free, sugar-free and super-nutritious. Mix quinoa, chia, millet and red fruits and delight yourself! 2. Banana Snack : To kill, at least a little, the urge to eat sweets during the diet, here’s a delicious banana snack recipe with peanut butter paste. Enjoy!-Quick snack recipes 3. Beirut de ricotta : easy to make and take ... Read More »

Tasty salad recipes to lose weight with health (without suffering)

Tasty salad recipes 1. Salad with apricot, chia and sesame : the mix of green leaves with apricot, palmito, chia and sesame, leaves the salad incredibly tasty and chic. Ideal for serving before dinner!-salad recipes 2. Tuna salad : rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, tuna helps to improve metabolism and strengthen the body’s cells. It is the ideal ingredient to give that turbinate in your ... Read More »

Tea Recipes for Weight Loss


Tea Recipes 1. Mint, Ginger and Lemon Tea: This tea is ideal for the hottest summer days. The key is to mix the ingredients and let it cool to room temperature before bringing the refrigerator.-Recipes 2. Slimming teas : check out the selection of great functional teas that help reduce swelling, as well as being detoxifying, diuretics, digestive, metabolism accelerators, anti-cellulites, reducing measures and calming.-Recipes ... Read More »



To lose weight is the ambition of a substantial percentage of the world population. If you are also part of this group, follow a diet prepared by nutritionist Iara Rodrigues. More than 10 percent of the Portuguese suffer from obesity problems. To this million national citizens, according to the data supporting the report “Portugal: Healthy Food in Figures 2013”, more ... Read More »

Sugar-free diet slims 10 kg in 2 months


Do you have difficulties to lose weight because you can not leave the sugar aside? This may be a symptom of you are already addicted to the ingredient, and it gets increasingly difficult to drop. The promise of the I Quit Sugar diet is to cure this sugar craving, dry 10 kg and change life forever. Diet without sugar to ... Read More »