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When to Worry About Postpartum Bleeding

The postpartum bleeding, whose technical name is lquio, lasts in average 5 weeks and is characterized by the exit of dark red blood with thick consistency and that sometimes presents blood clots. As the uterus contracts and returns to normal size, the amount of blood lost is diminished and its color becomes clearer and clearer until it disappears completely.This bleeding ... Read More »

What can be bladder pain and how to treat it

Pain in the bladder usually indicates urinary tract infection, some irritation caused by cysts or stones but it can also be caused by some inflammation in the uterus or intestine. So to know what is causing this pain you should check if there are other symptoms such as blood in the urine, pain to urinate, fever or discharge in the ... Read More »

What Not to Eat at Breastfeeding

During breastfeeding, a woman should avoid consuming foods such as alcoholic drinks and too much coffee because alcohol and caffeine can pass into breast milk and harm the baby’s health. In addition, it is necessary to observe if the baby feels colic or cries more after the mother consume some foods like milk and derivatives, peanuts and shrimp, because the ... Read More »

Home Treatment for Stoned Milk

Stoned milk, known scientifically for breast engorgement, usually occurs when there is incomplete emptying of the breasts, so a good home treatment for the bare breast is to put the baby to breastfeed every two to three hours. Thus, it is possible to go removing the excess milk that is produced, leaving the breasts less hard, full and heavy.Another option is ... Read More »

How to solve 6 common breastfeeding problems

The most common breastfeeding problems include cracked sinuses, sour milk, and hard, swollen breasts that usually appear within the first few days after delivery or after a long time of breastfeeding. Usually, these problems of breastfeeding cause pain and discomfort for the mother; however, there are simple techniques such as the baby making a good handle on the breast or ... Read More »

How to Heal the Cracked Nipples for Breastfeeding Without Pain

Cracks in the nipple arise especially in the first few weeks of breastfeeding due to incorrect handling of the baby in the breast.It may be suspected that the baby is incorrectly breastfeeding when he stops breastfeeding, his beak is wrinkled. If it is wrinkled, it is very likely that the handle is incorrect and that the cracks and bleeding appear on ... Read More »

How to have more breast milk

The change in the breast for breast milk production is intensified mainly from the second trimester of pregnancy, and at the end of pregnancy some women are already releasing some colostrum, which is the first milk that leaves the breast, rich in proteins. However, milk usually only appears in greater quantity after delivery, when the hormones produced by the placenta ... Read More »