DREAM- Dreaming is essential in the life of any human being. The importance of the dream goes beyond simply having a goal in life, it also concerns the motivation of each individual to accomplish something that longs for. Humans tend to want to conquer things by nature. Getting rich, understanding the meaning of life, building a family, taking a trip or meeting a celebrity, ... Read More »

Wellness: Learn how to apply the concept in your life


Wellness, once and for all, what beauty comes from the inside out – and it has everything to do with what you do for your well-being. You will see that its meaning, literally, refers to the idea of ​​well-being. But nowadays, speaking in wellness is bringing up a very important concept in the world of health and beauty that, in ... Read More »

Infusions: What infusions do well for body and mind

Calming, relaxing, good for the skin … discover why a simple little tea can be considered a true “magic potion” of beauty.-Infusions More than a necessary and pleasurable break in routine, tea time can bring us numerous benefits. This is because the liquid has therapeutic properties that help combat some of the major problems of modernity, such as stress, bloating, ... Read More »

Incorporate one tip per day to make your routine lighter

Small actions, from Sunday to Sunday, can guarantee a slightly quieter life. If mental health were a big mistake, we would not be the most depressed population in Latin America , as the latest report released by the World Health Organization (WHO) reported in 2017. And it is wrong to think that conditions such as anxiety and depression affect only common ... Read More »