Know the most common causes of stress

Stress can be caused by day-to-day concerns such as heavy workloads, heavy traffic, no leisure time, or even the onset of illness in the family. Stressful situations happen all the time, but they only cause stress when they are too much or when they can not be solved, causing tension in the body and a feeling of being alert. 13 ... Read More »

Best exercises to eliminate visceral fat

The fat that accumulates inside the belly, called visceral fat, can be eliminated with the practice of exercises, especially aerobics, such as walking or pedaling, or those that combine the cardiovascular part with strength exercises such as functional gymnastics or crossfit , for example. In this way, the body will burn calories and decrease the accumulation of fat in the abdominal ... Read More »

Best exercises to eliminate belly

The best exercises to eliminate the belly are those that work the whole body, spend many calories and strengthen several muscles at the same time. This is because these exercises increase the muscles, raising the basal metabolism causing the individual to burn more fat even while sleeping. Some good examples of exercises to burn belly fat are: Swimming : One of the ... Read More »

Pregnant Diabetic

Every pregnant diabetic should check their blood glucose daily to decrease the risk of the baby suffering malformations during pregnancy and not developing type 2 diabetes in the future. Treatment for diabetes in pregnancy Treatment for diabetes in pregnancy should be very strict, so it is important for the woman to be able to check her glycemic rate daily and ... Read More »

7 Homemade Pregnancy Tests

After unprotected intercourse there is always a risk of getting pregnant, especially if the woman was within her fertile time. After conception the body takes about 10 to 20 days to give the first signs that the pregnancy began, and it is in that period that the woman can do some home tests that can confirm that she is actually pregnant. ... Read More »

How to know if I’m pregnant

Although the chances are low, it is possible to get pregnant only after unprotected intercourse, especially if the man ejaculates inside the vagina. However, pregnancy can also happen when there is only contact with the lubricating fluids released prior to ejaculation. For this reason, and although it is rarer, it is still possible to conceive without penetration, as long as the man’s ... Read More »

Vitamins for pregnant women

Vitamins for pregnant women are supplements that pregnant women take to ensure their health and that of their baby during pregnancy, preventing anemia, reducing the risk of defects in the baby’s neural tube, preventing bone loss, helping in the formation of DNA and fetal growth. These vitamins should be taken according to the guidance of the obstetrician or dietician, because ... Read More »

All about Gardnerella vaginalis and how to treat it

The vaginalis Gardnerella is a bacteria that lives in the female intimate area, but is normally found in very low concentrations, not producing any kind of problem or symptom. However, when Gardnerella concentrations  increase because of risk factors such as cigarette smoking, frequent vaginal lavage, or multiple sexual partners, a vaginal infection, known as bacterial vaginosis or Gardnerella vaginitis, may develop. This infection causes symptoms such ... Read More »

Breast or vagina in the vagina: 8 causes and What to do

The lump in the vagina, which may also be known as a lump in the vagina, is almost always the result of an inflammation of the glands that help lubricate the vaginal canal, known as the Bartholin and Skene glands. sign of a serious problem, since this inflammation passes by itself. However, if the lump causes symptoms like itching, burning ... Read More »