How to Help Your Baby Crawl Faster


The baby usually begins to crawl between 6 and 10 months, because at this stage he can lie on his stomach with his head upright and already has enough strength in his shoulders and arms, and also in the back and the trunk to get crawling.-Baby Crawl Faster So if your baby already has an interest in crawling and can ... Read More »

Amount of water per day that infants and children need

It is necessary to start giving water to the baby as soon as he starts drinking and eating baby food, and it is also necessary to provide water if the baby does not exclusively breast feed and already has adapted milk, which are special milk formulas for babies. However, infants who are exclusively breastfed do not need to drink water, ... Read More »

Baby- Common questions about the BLW method

In the BLW method, the baby eats food by holding everything by his own hands, but for this he must already be 6 months old, sit alone and show interest in his parents’ food.In this method the kneading, soups and kneaded meals offered with the spoon are discouraged, although breastfeeding should be maintained for at least 1 year. Top questions ... Read More »

What does 6-month-old Baby do?

The 6-month-old baby likes people to notice him and calls his parents to be with him. He turns toward the caller, strangers to strangers, and stops crying when he hears music. At this stage, the intelligence, reasoning and social relationship of the baby stand out, especially in interactions with parents or siblings. At this stage, the baby likes to take everything that ... Read More »

Baby feeding at 6 months

In the feeding of the baby at 6 months, the introduction of new foods should begin on the menu, interspersed with the feedings or with the use of milk formula appropriate for the age. So it is at this stage that foods such as vegetables, fruits and porridges should be added in the diet, always with the consistency of purees to ... Read More »

What does the 5-month-old baby do?

The baby at 5 months already raises his arms to be taken from the cradle or to go to the lap of who wants, reacts when someone wants to take his toy, recognizes the expressions of fear, displeasure and anger, and begins to demonstrate also their feelings through facial expressions. In addition, he is already able to raise his head and ... Read More »

Mouth cancer: another reason to stop smoking

Avoiding tobacco use (especially regular cigarettes, but also pipes, cigars, hookahs, etc.) and drinking alcoholic beverages are crucial to prevent the fifth most common malignant tumor among Brazilian men: oral cancer.- stop smoking The head and neck surgeon of the National Cancer Institute José Alencar Gomes da Silva (INCA), Ullyanov Bezerra Toscano, points out that the occurrence of cancer that ... Read More »


Only smokers or ex-smokers know how difficult it is to stop smoking . So it is very common for people to go back to smoking after an attempt to quit. It is proven that smoking is harmful to the health of both the smoker and those who are close, the passive smokers . As tobacco is a socially accepted and legalized drug, it is even more difficult to stop smoking, ... Read More »

Curly hair masks: 5 recipes to make at home

Those who have curls already know: you can never predict what the behavior of the wires will be. There is a day when they look beautiful when they dry, in others, the will is to put your hair back under the shower to see if any miracles happen. And who has curly hair also knows that the only way to avoid these surprises is ... Read More »

Learn About Good Cholesterol

How To Increase Good Cholesterol Those who have low good cholesterol values ​​should follow a diet low in sugars and fats, and do physical activity, within their limits. To increase HDL levels in the body it is recommended to eat foods such as: Olive oil; vegetable oils such as canola, sunflower, corn or sesame; Almonds; avocado; peanut; Peas; tofu cheese; soy flour and soy milk. These ... Read More »