How to treat postpartum psychosis

Postpartum psychosis or puerperal psychosis is a psychiatric disorder that strikes some women after about 2 or 3 weeks of delivery. This disease causes signs and symptoms such as mental confusion, nervousness, excessive crying in addition to delusions and visions, and treatment should be done in a psychiatric hospital with supervision and use of medications to control these symptoms. It ... Read More »

10 Symptoms of Postpartum Depression

Symptoms of postpartum depression may occur soon after birth, or up to one year after the birth of the baby, and usually include: Constant sadness; Guilt; Low self esteem; Extreme dismay and tiredness; Little interest in the baby; Inability to care for you and your baby; Fear of being alone; Lack of appetite; Lack of pleasure in daily activities; Difficulty ... Read More »

What may be dizziness and discomfort

Frequent dizziness is usually associated with problems in the ear, such as labyrinthitis or Meniere’s disease, but it can also be a sign of diabetes, anemia or even heart problems. Other symptoms such as lack of balance, dizziness and a feeling that the head is always spinning may also be associated with dizziness.-discomfort In addition to these causes, dizziness can be ... Read More »

8 diseases that cause excessive tiredness and sleep

Excessive tiredness usually indicates lack of time to rest, but can also be a sign of some diseases such as anemia, diabetes, thyroid disorders or even depression. Normally, in cases of illness the person feels tired and weak, even after having a night’s rest. Thus, in identifying frequent fatigue, it is advisable to observe if there are other associated symptoms and ... Read More »

Top 5 Stress Disorders

Stress causes several changes in the hormonal system that lead to increased production of hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol, which are important in stimulating the body and leaving you prepared to face challenges. While these changes are good for short periods of time and help address many of the problems that arise in everyday life, when they happen constantly, ... Read More »

Know the most common causes of stress

Stress can be caused by day-to-day concerns such as heavy workloads, heavy traffic, no leisure time, or even the onset of illness in the family. Stressful situations happen all the time, but they only cause stress when they are too much or when they can not be solved, causing tension in the body and a feeling of being alert. 13 ... Read More »



VOCATIONAL ORIENTATION- If you have spent days or even months wondering about what you would like and possess the ability to do the rest of your life then you certainly do not know the importance of doing vocational guidance . Making money doing what you love is a universal dream, but many individuals are accommodated to jobs that keep them unhappy, either ... Read More »


Depression is now considered the most common illness in many parts of the world and is caused by a number of psychological disorders from a variety of backgrounds. However, in general, symptoms can be very confused with sadness, and it is important to have a knowledge of tips that a person is depressed . Although today’s society has already demonstrated a greater understanding ... Read More »