Recipes for nutritious dishes to lose weight with health (without suffering)

Recipes for nutritious

1. Chicken breaded with oatmeal : who said that nothing can be fried in the diet? This version of the chicken breaded with oats is a great choice for anyone who wants to continue in the healthy eating routine, but wants to give an increase in the usual grilled chicken.-Recipes for nutritious

2. Salmon Tartare : Anyone who wants to have a healthy restaurant meal at home, needs to taste this delicious salmon tartare recipe. The ideal is to add a salad and a little carbohydrate so that it serves as a complete meal. Enjoy!


3. Ground Meat with Pumpkin : This ground beef recipe with pumpkin has the ideal amount of protein and carbohydrate needed in a low-calorie meal. One more reason not to get off the diet!

4. Shrimp with wholemeal pasta : it is possible to make a low calorie and low calorie recipe with noodles yes! See this pasta option with wholemeal pasta and shrimp and run to prepare your next meal.-Recipes for nutritious

5. Healthy Lunch Ideas : See this selection of healthy, low calorie lunches. Gnocchi of zucchini and sweet potatoes, turkey breast buns, fake soufflé and protein paste are some of them.

6. Ratattouille light : composed of several diced and seasoned vegetables, the famous and traditional recipe of ratattouile presents itself here in its lighter version! Worth a try.-Recipes for nutritious

7. Chicken with honey and ginger : diets are not made only of grilled chicken, see this quick and easy recipe of roasted chicken with honey, orange and ginger. A light and healthy option for days of laziness.-Recipes for nutritious

8. Flourless Green Pancake : Learn how to prepare a delicious pancake recipe that does not carry flour. You will need egg, spinach, cheese, turkey breast, chives, salt and pepper. Each serving has only 85 calories!

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