Skin Care

Best remedies for Frieira

Frieira- Cold remedies such as Vodol, Mizol or Nizoral are used to eliminate fungus that causes itching and scaling between the toes. These remedies can be used both in the treatment of acute and chronic chills, which is when the lesions manifest for more than 12 weeks, but should always be indicated by the dermatologist. Miconazole nitrate (Vodol) Ketoconazole  (Mizol lou Nizoral) ... Read More »

Best Remedies for White Cloth


The remedies indicated for the treatment of the white cloth are antifungal, like Ketoconazole, Selenium Sulfide, Itraconazole and Fluconazole, for example, prescribed by the general practitioner or dermatologist, in the form of gel, ointment or tablets. The white cloth is a skin infection, scientifically called Pityriasis versicolor , caused by fungi, which causes white or brown spots and peeling of the skin. ... Read More »

Tips to Fight Morning Bruising on Face


Face- Sometimes, even after a well-slept night, he appears: the fearsome morning swelling, which has several causes. During sleep, the lymphatic system slows down and, being responsible for the absorption of fluid from the cells, there is a predisposition for this swelling. In addition, there is also an influence of food, alcohol, medicines, hormonal changes, sleeping position and even genetic causes. ... Read More »

Black Clay for Skin and Hair

Black clay, also known as volcanic mud, is a material composed of elements with rich properties. It is the noblest of all clays. To get it, it is necessary to descend 4 meters below the surface, where the levels of aluminum and silicon are very high and those of iron are very low. The clay is a natural material, composed of extremely small particles ... Read More »

Skin Care: How Chamomile Can Help Your Skin

Skin Care

Skin Care:Natural active used for centuries to treat health, this little flower is the best friend of the skin with slight damages that need quick relief. For centuries used to treat health, chamomile even had special name in ancient Greece: “mother of the earth”. After much improvement in the extraction of the best in it, today is its essential oil that ... Read More »

scars :Learn how to soften or even eliminate the scars

Understand the possible causes of the brands and know some of the treatments available today in the aesthetic market.More than “simple” marks on the face and body, scars resulting from severe acneare capable of affecting the mental health of those who suffer from the problem – it is not uncommon to come across cases of people who have developed self-esteem ... Read More »

skin :Know which bet according to your skin type

There are different clay colors around, made to treat different skin problems. Know the main ones and their properties. Green, red, white … it’s likely that in recent times you’ve heard a lot of people talk about natural clays and all its benefits if used as skin treatments – whatever it is. And not to be outdone: both in their ... Read More »

dark circles: 6 effective care to treat and prevent dark circles

Whether by investing in natural assets or by changing some of your habits, know ways to soften or even eliminate the dreaded spots under the eyes. There is not only a factor causing dark circles – they are different conditions, which vary from person to person, and directly interfere with the intensity and color of the spots under the eyes. Fernanda ... Read More »