Sugar-free diet slims 10 kg in 2 months

Do you have difficulties to lose weight because you can not leave the sugar aside? This may be a symptom of you are already addicted to the ingredient, and it gets increasingly difficult to drop. The promise of the I Quit Sugar diet is to cure this sugar craving, dry 10 kg and change life forever.

Diet without sugar to lose weight

The intent of the sugar-free diet is not to cut sweets forever, but rather for a while – enough for the addiction to be “cured.” Australian journalist Sarah Wilson was responsible for the creation of the menu, and launched the book with the name of the diet, I Quit Sugar, best seller in the United States and Europe.

How is it done?

The diet lasts eight weeks and is gradual. First, refined sugar and refined flour are removed from direct sources such as cake, soda, refined sugar, pasta, bread, and salt. Balsamic vinegar and ketchup, which are also rich in ingredient, do not enter. Fruits are others that stay out of the diet – because of the fructose, sugar in them present. Diet and zero products are also banned because of what Sarah calls the “rebound effect”: they may even have fewer calories, but they end up giving even more desire to eat sweet some time after ingesting them. The tip of the author is to use stevia, a natural sweetener that brings health benefits. When the diet is over, you will slowly reintroduce sugary foods, but no longer with the sugar compulsion and the transformed lifestyle.

The author of the book reports that she lost 10 kg, does not feel as much desire to eat candy, has balanced the hormones and retains much less liquid. In addition, he got rid of the problem of constant headaches he had.


It works?

According to nutritionist Tamara Rocha, from Espaço CM Nutrição, in Rio de Janeiro, sugar is highly addictive. “There is a study of the Brookhaven National Laboratory in the United States, which says that the part of the brain that is stimulated to produce dopamine, when we ingest sugar, is the same that is triggered in the use of cocaine, “he says. In addition, consumption of treats stimulates the release of substances called opioids, which also provide a sense of pleasure.


It is well known that overeating causes a number of health problems and there are many reasons to banish sugar from day to day. “It raises levels of glucose and insulin, the hormone responsible for converting glucose into energy and fat stores. The higher the amount of sugar ingested, the greater the amount of insulin produced,” says the nutritionist. Among the consequences for the body are the increase in fat as a whole, diabetes risk, depression, intestinal dysfunctions, among others.


Therefore, cutting sugar and refined flour in any diet brings several benefits. “The body becomes more regulated: the bowel functions better and there is a reduction of symptoms associated with the consumption of these foods, such as headaches and tiredness. Self-esteem also improves, since the person will be able to lose weight and have more quality. life”.

How much do you lose weight?

According to Tamara, therefore, cutting sugar from the diet works to lose weight. “The amount of the loss will depend on the adherence and the time of the diet, but when cutting foods rich in sugar, it is certain that there will be significant weight loss.”


The “rebound effect” of diet and zero products, mentioned by the author of the diet, is real, according to the nutritionist. “It happens because the consumption of these non-caloric substances promotes a weakening of the body’s physiological response.There is incomplete caloric compensation.That is, the body’s natural ability to control calorie consumption is” cheated. “This activates reward mechanisms food, causing increased appetite and food intake, “he explains.


How to lose the sugar addiction?

It all depends on the biochemical individuality and lifestyle of each, but Tamara indicates foods that can modulate the neurotransmitters involved in binge eating and sugar addiction. “Among them are oats, cinnamon, dark green and purplish vegetables, corn, avocado, red fruits and spices. The practice of physical exercise also helps,” he advises.


Important Information: Cutting Fruits Can Hurt Your Health


The qualification of Tamara on the I Quit Sugar diet is in relation to the fruit cut. “They are essential for health. They provide vitamins that are important for the proper functioning of the body, and the problem when it comes to sugar is not the fructose naturally present in fruits, but the concentrated fructose used in corn syrup that sweetened soft drinks, processed juices and other products, “he explains. The excess of fructose in the body is transformed into fat, responsible for increasing the levels of triglycerides and liver fat. Thus, Tamara says that this diet has to be very well targeted and individualized as it can cause important nutritional deficiencies. “Everything that has been cut is dispensable to the organism – with the exception of fruits,” he says.



Children should not do this type of diet as they are in the growth phase and any nutritional deficiency can affect their development. It is also not indicated for pregnant women and the elderly, who are in phases of high nutritional demand.


No sugar diet menu



  • 1 glass of red fruit juice + chia
  • Clear pancake: 1 egg + 2 egg whites + oregano


Morning snack


  • Oilseed mix + 1 cup white tea




  • Salad of raw leaves at will, seasoned with olive oil and lemon
  • 2 tablespoons raw or al dente vegetables
  • 4 tablespoons brown rice / sweet potato / cassava
  • 1 serving of lean protein
  • ½ bean / lentil shell


Afternoon snack


  • 5 units baby carrots with homemade chicken pastry + 1 cup green tea



  • 1 unit of natural yoghurt with 1 tablespoon of fiber mix




  • Same as lunch




  • 5 apricots
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