5 Tips To Lose Belly Fat

To lose belly fat, it is recommended to eat healthy and exercise regularly, as it can burn off accumulated fat, improve the cardiovascular system and increase metabolism, causing the body to spend more energy during the day. and at night, thus favoring the loss of abdominal fat.

In addition, it is interesting to invest in natural thermogens such as green tea, for example, because they accelerate metabolism and have a diuretic effect, reducing fluid accumulation and eliminating abdominal fat faster.

The 5 tips for eliminating belly fat are:

1. Have green tea

In addition to drinking water one should take teas because they help flush out toxins and help you lose weight. A great example is green tea, which has catechins that help dry out the belly, or a diuretic tea such as a dandelion, leather hat and sarsaparilla mixture, which helps eliminate excess fat. body fluids, detaching the belly.

See the recipe for 5 other types of teas to lose weight and lose weight faster .

2. Exercise every day

Exercising daily is important not only to lose abdominal fat, but also to make you more willing to perform your daily tasks, prevent disease and improve your quality of life.

One of the exercise options for burning abdominal fat is running, because during this exercise the body uses accumulated fat as a source of energy. In addition to running, it is important to do some exercise such as localized gymnastics or weight training to ensure muscle growth, which naturally increases metabolism and favors the elimination of accumulated fat. Learn some exercises to define the belly.

3. Eat more vegetables and cereals

To eat well you have to eat small meals every 3 hours, investing more in vegetables, cereals and more. Eating fiber at every meal is a great strategy for not getting hungry. Jotting down everything you eat by making a food log helps you get a better sense of what you’re eating, making it easier to spot eating errors. See 3 recipes to lose belly .

In addition, very sweet and greasy and frozen foods ready to be eaten should be avoided whenever possible. The diet to lose the belly should be based on natural foods like fruits, vegetables and lean proteins like white meat or tofu. To get rid of belly fat, eat regular meals throughout the day, avoiding times when the volume of the meal is too large, thus avoiding excessive insulin production and increased fat mass.

4. Eat fiber rich foods

It is important to have a high fiber diet, preferably present in fruits and vegetables, so that the bowel is functioning regularly. This way you can avoid constipation and the use of laxatives that can irritate the intestine and lead to abdominal bloating and increased gas production, for example.

To help regulate the intestines, invest in seeds such as sesame, flax seed, and chia by adding 1 tbsp to each meal. However, to ensure the elimination of feces, drink 2 liters of water, juice and sugar-free tea every day. See more examples of fiber rich foods .

5. Massage the belly with fat reducing cream

Performing belly massages daily helps activate blood circulation and shape the silhouette. Additives that should be present in a good fat-burning cream are caffeine or methyl nicotine, such as Bio-Medicine’s DMAE reducing gel.

It is in fat that toxins are concentrated, so it is very important to ensure good hydration and thus facilitate their elimination through the intestines and urine, because when there is a large localized fat burning, there is also a large release of toxins in the body, that should be eliminated so as not to cause swelling and lead to premature aging.

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